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Planning Commission Meeting

December 19, 2018;7:00PM


2019 Approved Budget

The Supervisors approved the 2019 Budget at the public meeting held December 10, 2018. The Budget can be viewed here. 

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Park Development Study Draft Plans

Here you will find a description of the park study proccess and draft plans for the Fairground Road Park and Spruce Hills Park.  The Supervisors are soliciting public comment on these plans at this time. 

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Park Development Study

In an effort to respond to our residents' desire for increased recreational opportunities in the Township, East Buffalo Township has been working with YSM Landscape Architects to create plans to improve existing parks and expand parkland offerings in the Township. The Fairground Road Park and Spruce Hills open space parcel have been selected as the most viable park sites for planning for grant applications and possible park development in the near future. At the recommendation of the consultant, a study committee was established, including representation from the Board of Supervisors, Township Administration, Township Residents, and Township Students, to gather information and assemble a list of key stakeholders to be contacted regarding future park development. 

On October 8, 2018, YSM attended the Supervisors' Meeting to present the draft Fairground Road Park and Spruce Hills Park plans to the public and receive input.  YSM used the input received at this public meeting to revise the draft park plans.  The Township Supervisors and administration have also been relaying all comments and concerns that are received from the public to YSM as they finalize the draft plans for a second public meeting.

Below you will find a description of each draft park development plan and a link to view the proposed design.  These plans are drafts for future consideration. They are not finalized. All final decisions on park planning and design will be made at a public meeting. 

The Township Supervisors want to gather as much public input on these draft plans as possible in order to determine the best locations for additional park space, and to create designs that meet the needs and wants of the residents.  Please send comments to Jamie Shrawder, Township Manager, at (570)523-6320 or Comments should be provided to her by December 7, 2018 at 4:00 PM. 

Fairground Road Park

The park is enhanced with amenities to complement the existing facilities and setting. A picnic pavilion is added to the open meadow near the pond with cornhole area, horseshoe pits, and a small playground area provided to complement the picnic activity. Trails extend through the site connecting the football field, baseball field, and picnic area. Loop trails that are provided north of Limestone Run add a variety of walking options. Linkages extend off site to nearby destinations to the east, west, and north. The existing parking is formalized with a curbed parking area that defines 47 spaces. Limestone Run is enhanced with riparian plantings and native grass meadows. Trees are introduced to minimize ongoing maintenance.

Fairground Road Park

Spruce Hills Park

The park is developed as an amenity for the neighborhood with walking trails, a small playground, and a picnic pavilion. Open space is retained for informal recreation use. Trails extend through the woodland and open space to provide a variety of settings for walking and exercise. A small parking area is developed near the entrance from Hawthorne Drive. Public input recommends moving the playground to the northern area of the open space to provide additional buffer between the park amenities and the residences along Hawthorne Drive.

Spruce Hill Park

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